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Okay, you can kill me for this but I’m helpless I am unable to write anything else but about love…
But you bet me you’ll love this.
Being a girl makes me really stupid in handling emotions and being in love adds to my stupidity… it like my stupidity increasing exponentially…
I’ve been in love since quite a while and it has added a lot more charm and creativity to my daydreaming. I seriously don’t know why a gal in love always dream of getting married to on the love I know it’s completely stupid and illogical but it’s just so beautiful and these dream sequences are something I’m just unable to resist.
Read some proposals on VIT proposals… thought how crazy one can go due to lovely infatuation. Let’s try writing and imaging the best proposal ever…
I being a crazy astronomy lover always loved stars… I always imagined this proposal and kept waiting for that right one to come who’ll really share this feeling with me… and finally today it feels like my dream is turning true…
Having a friendship is bliss and falling in love with your best friend is the blessing of lifetime… yeah, I read this somewhere when care and affection come together it makes friends become best friends. But when care, affection, attraction, and adoration come together it makes best friends become lovers… love make you experience all states of happiness… Elation-pleasure based happiness, ecstasy merger based happiness, contentment feeling of being satisfied and joyful feeling of finally getting through and winning someone. Yeah, that one whom you proudly call ‘yours’… of course not without his consent and that consent is something I was willing to ask for, this is how I did it…
One fine evening it was. We were out from work. Oh! Thank god it was a clear night with my beloved stars with me; it always feels safe with them. Walking with him always felt like walking on clouds with angels around to bless us. But that day was special my heart was beating really hard and I was all cold. “Ask him for the ride” screamed inner me but my tongue was all paralyzed. And then my mobile beeped finally breaking the deadly silence between us. ‘It’s ready’ it read. “Whose it?” he asked.
“Oh! It’s Arush he is calling us up to his place you would like to join us?” I lied… hey, one sec I just asked him out didn’t I?
“Yeah why not,” he answered happily. Oh, his eyes those were probably my most beloved stars…
Trust me, friends, it takes hell out of you when you take a dare to propose someone you really love… with all sort of fights, precisely war going on in your heart and brain… maybe you are too weak to take that rejection, too dumb to lose your jewel but it’s like you keep on stake every emotion for this one shot. Yeah, it’s equally fun like it’s scary.
I did not speak much during the ride I was just looking for WORDS!!
God damn the dictionary is too short for it!!
And finally I took a turn and he spoke, “hey that’s the wrong turn you have taken that road doesn’t go to Arush’s place does it?”
“Oh no it doesn’t I’m abducting you” I giggled
“Really?” He tried acting scared. And we laughed.
“I got to show you something Ajit,” I said keeping me from freaking out I was really nervous.
“Show me something? And what’s that?” he was indeed intrigued.
And I kept silent till we reached an isolated place. It was a lie hilltop outside the city. I don’t know whether it was really cool or it was my by blood which ran icy but it was feeling dark and cold with this sweet smell in the wind around…
Ajit got down the car and for very obvious reasons looked really confused.
“Why are we here he turned around to me and asked”
And I? I just gave a missed call… and within a min, a row of lamps glowed from our car reaching to a huge tree and tree sparkled brightly like it was made up of golden leaves with red, heart-shaped shining flowers blooming on it… there were hundreds of tiny lamps circling the tree felt like stars came down to make my day… actually night…
I don’t know what he felt at that time but his face reflected ambiguous feelings of happiness and obvious confusion it felt like he was standing holding his breaths everything was turning so beautiful.
I came and stood by his side. He still looked lost. I don’t know what was going through his head but I could have died to know that. And finally pulling himself out of his thoughts he looked at me.
Oh my god, it was the first time I saw this strange emotion in his eyes like they were tiny magnets with huge magnetic strength pulling out all my hidden emotions. And this flow of emotion washed away all my fear and nervousness. He was still looking at me maybe this is the point when lovers develop their strange language of love speaking through eyes understanding through hearts… it felt like him every wave of emotion was reaching me… True… Physics is everywhere… and there is a strange wave attached to every emotion. You do feel it don’t you? And energy associated with this wave is ‘Courage.’ More is the frequency of these waves reaching you more courage you gather with ‘dedication’ being constant of proportionality. Yeah, it should be constant between two people if not the law of ‘emotion wave’ fails and hence it proves they are not real lovers…
Oh those waves of emotions reaching me were getting really intense and provided me enough courage to get on my knees…(photometric effect)

I got on my knees and said, “Okay to be very honest I don’t know how do they start this but I can’t keep it to myself either… Ajit you know how stars drive me crazy but lately, I’ve realized there is something else too which make me equally crazy like stars do… and that’s YOU. And amazingly reason being the same for both… LOVE… yeah… I LOVE YOU… You see stars and my love has many things in common, they shine bright, they burn the fire in me they are beautiful and we never know how things will go with them when they’ll end… but all consequences are disastrous though… I cannot count them… they are with me when I am in dark and all alone. I believe them to full fill all my wishes. And most important for me I JUST LOVE THEM… they somehow make my world glow beautifully…
You show me stars of love… make me gaze upon its infinite charm… where beauty lives in perfect light… with you, it feels like I’m guided by the brightest of all… your love is pole star for me… most beautiful and always bright shining brightly upon my soul… offering me heaven itself… and I get drowned in endless depths of romance and embracement… and I feel honored I’ve given my heart to star on earth… can I be the light that keeps you going and vanishes when you’ll leave it?”

Woof… I don’t believe I just said it!!! I was already in tears… Jesus, I guess this is the reason girls don’t do it!! They just CRY!!! God, I was helpless and couldn’t help but cry Ajit was still silent and motionless… I widened my eyes in amazement and out of confusion and the very next moment I found Ajit hugging me!!! What a feeling it has seemed like my emotion reached him with speed of light for he took action with least possible time laps!!! And then it was my turn for next move I gave a missed call again then there came flying lanterns in some time from around… hundreds of them… oh, they looked beautiful… I cupped his face in my palms and made him look around the place was all lighten up with flying stars!! God, I don’t believe I created my own space!! And we spent an hour or two there admiring the beauty of nature and moments we just shared!!!!!!!!!!!


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