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10 Psychological Tricks To Get Her To Like You

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door

10 Psychological Tricks To Get Her To Like You

1How To Make a Girl ATTRACTED To Me?

1.Have your own life

  • You should be self-independent
  • You shouldn’t think before buying anything
  • If she wants some time with you have that power in your hand
  • if she is facing some problem you should be the first person to come on her mind
  • Every one should respect you

2.Have an interesting hobby or passion

  • Passion like playing the guitar
  • Make sure its a true passion not Fake
  • Passion is anything whether programming, coding, speaking, cooking, etc

3.Have great hygiene

  • Smells Good
  • Take daily bath
  • Use deodorants
  • Wear good clothes
  • Be a gentlemen

4.Ask her to do things for you (Frankly in effect)

  • ask her to work for you like copying notes
  • some small things which she can do easily
  • always say thank you after she is done
  • don’t over do it be in limits

5.Make her laugh

  • Don’t crack lame jokes
  • crack good jokes
  • make her like she feel good with you
  • she will always happy with
  • if her mood is off you should help her to laugh

6.Be her friend

  • always be in a friendzoned
  • no fights
  • always be sorry to her
  • make her feel special
  • be in everyday contact
  • daily good morning and good night text

7.Break the touch barrier

  • Daily hand shake with confidence
  • always make her feel comfortable when you touch her shoulder
  • play games likes stone paper scissors
  • Make her know that you are willing to touch her in a non sexual way
  • do it in a positive manner not in negative manner

8.Tell her secrets

Close up of boyfriend whispering secrets to girlfriend. Isolated on white.

  • tell her your daily routine
  • tell everything truth
  • don’t lie in front of her
  • try to tell while whispering in her eyes
  • always listen to don’t break in between
  • let her first complete whatever she wants to say
  • tell the things which are known by very fewer people this helps to build the trust

9.Give her all your Attention

  • if you want her pay all the attention to her
  • don’t use mobile phone and other gadgets while talking to her
  • make her that you are interested in talking
  • make a mental note of stuffs she’s talking about
  • don’t ignore her at any cost

10.Beef up your confidence game

  • Self awareness
  • be confident while talking
  • self improvement
  • to be confident work out regularly

10 Psychological Tricks To Get Her To Like You

By Vaibhav Tanwar

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